Mindfulness for Expats

Join me and Dominika Miernik of DM Coaching as we chat about mindfulness and how it can impact your life abroad. Dominika has an amazing podcast covering topics like travel, expat lifestyle, career and business. You can read more about Dominika and watch her amazing podcast by clicking the link below:

Join me, Gabriela Weglowska and Seiji Nakano of WorldWork and explore the topic of mindset and emotional shifts that can arise after relocation. We discuss why our mindset might change and how we can learn to ease our transitions with more awareness and compassion. Grab your coffee and tune in! 


Take a Coffee Break with us!

PhotoPad for Business

A Mindful Journey to Freedom was invited to be the first feature story as part of the #WomenEdition for this amazing platform in the month of April 2021 

PhotoPad for Business is a wonderful resource for all businesses (big and small) to empower their customers and clients through their stories. It's super easy to use and such a creative way to reach your audience. Check them out today!

"Life's a Shuffle" Podcast

I had the honor of joining these two amazing coaches on their fun podcast series! I journey back in time with Ronald Johnson, Mindset Coach, and Gloria Nayal, Transformational Coach, to discuss some of the most challenging periods in my life and how it all brought me into my mindfulness practice and ultimately, led me to my mindfulness coaching practice for the expat community. So grab a cocktail or cuppa tea and listen in!


"Women in Business" podcast

I've been a member of the amazing "Women in Business" club and it's truly been a wonderful source to connect with other women entrepreneurs (both new and seasoned business owners) and gain insight around growing a business, having accountability, having access to tons of resources and so much more! Raimonda Jan (the gorgeous blonde in the middle of the photo) is the founder and ceases to amaze me by her dedication and passion for female leadership and entrepreneurship. I was super excited to be invited as a podcast guest! Listen below as Raimonda and I discuss expat life and more about A Mindful Journey to Freedom