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A Christmas Wish

Last week I gave myself permission to take a break as I was dealing with a head cold and then soon after I recovered from that, I developed a miserable migraine headache that kept me down for a week! (worst one yet!) In any case, I was in no state of writing my own name much less a blog post. I’m sure you can relate.

Every now and then you have to give yourself the permission to do nothing and take care of your wellbeing. Aside from being sick, it’s important to listen to your body and the messages that it sends you to take a step back and retreat even before you get sick. Easier said than done, right?

This year has no doubt been an interesting and incredible challenge for all of us. From losing jobs, to re-inventing your business, the inability to see and hug family and friends to exhausting zoom calls in search of staying connected and in business. This year has brought on so many issues that none of us saw coming.

For those of us who have survived and continue to battle the aches and pains of 2020, we are left with so many questions and emotions. How do you deal with the guilt of not having been able to say ‘goodbye’ to a loved one, or support your children when you’re needed at work or struggling with your relationship/marriage? And that’s just a few of the issues that this year has surfaced, you know and have been living many others!

Through my eyes, this year has also given us an opportunity to look straight within and reset our priorities. It’s given us a moment to think about what’s truly important to us, like our health and protecting the ones we love, spending quality time with family at home, and learning new ways of life that has helped us be more creatively happy.

There has been an awakening of sorts in 2020 that we have taken a step back to think about the real issues we need to face and maybe change in our lives. Where are ‘we’ needing to shift so that we can live and breathe true joy and happiness from this point on? How can we approach our challenges and grief with more love and compassion?

As the year approaches an end (finally!) we can continue this new journey and give ourselves more time for reflection and selfcare. We can carry on with the hope and hold onto the idea of change and resilience. It’s time to start thinking about what you want to create for yourself, through ALL aspects of life.

My Christmas wish this year is for you to create the life you so well deserve with the love and joy that will always be with you, no matter what. I want you to simply be you with more of the power that lives inside of you and with the confidence that is waiting to be unleashed.

This new year I want us all to live more conscious lives and hold more kindness for ourselves and the world around us. Take a moment to review the list below and do a little self reflection before the year end. I do this every year (actually every quarter) instead of making resolutions so that I have a clear idea of where my inner work lies and where I need to focus.

On a scale from 1-5 (1 being not happy at all and 5 being it’s going awesome!) rate the following areas in your life;

  • Self care/Wellbeing

  • Love/Relationship/Marriage

  • Professional/Work

  • Fitness/Exercise

  • Diet/Healthy eating

  • Social life/Friends

  • Money/Finances

  • Leisure/Fun

  • Family life

Once you rate these areas (and you can add more if needed) determine the main area (or two) where you really need to focus and create the change necessary before it’s too late. Try looking at these areas with compassion and refrain from any blame, judgment, etc… just look at it and notice how you feel when you think about it. What’s coming up for you?

As you take notice of where you need to focus your energy, take the time to think about all of the options where you can make the shifts necessary. This is about you and no one else so do what YOU need to do, after all it’s your happiness at stake here.

Start 2021 with full confidence of knowing where you’re going and what you need to do to get there. You have the power to get it done! All you need is a little self reflection to get you there.

Wishing you, and your families, a beautiful Christmas this week

and I hope that all of your Christmas wishes come true!

With Gratitude,


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