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Accepting What Is

One of the hardest practices of mindfulness is the idea of accepting what is. This can be difficult as many of us are so used to trying to control how our lives unfold by changing the situations, or people, around us to make our lives easier and full of happiness. Not to say that this makes us bad people, it's just what we have learned from our childhoods and throughout living in a society of judgment and guilt.

In the end, and despite your efforts, life is going to unfold how it may and you have absolutely no control of it. So instead of letting it flow and learning from the disappointments and frustrations you might sulk and dwell on the outcome and say things like, “Why is this happening to ME?” And by doing this only keeps you in that realm of energy where things are going to remain showing up just the same.

As stated in the law of attraction, whatever energy you give out to the world will come right back at you full stop. Thus, keeping you in the same pattern with the same feelings and energy. Make sense? By constantly speaking and reacting in a negative way it will just keep showing up and proving to you that it IS happening TO you. And this is not a good place to settle. This is not your life, there is so much love, joy and peace waiting for you!

Just think about it for a moment. Doesn't it make sense that if you are giving out such energy and negativity then wouldn't you expect to get that back in return? What if you chose love over fear and anger and changed your thoughts and responses accordingly? How would that show up for you?

Try this...

Try being more observant this week on your thoughts and feelings. When you catch yourself thinking, or responding, to something negative take a moment to step back and consider changing that thought to something more positive or change your response/reaction to whatever has triggered you. Give yourself some love and don't allow whatever is in front of you or in your mind control your life through negativity.

Yes, I know... easier said that done, right?! But that, my friend, is why they call mindfulness a practice. We have to keep moving in the direction where love, joy and peacefulness lie. We have to keep striving for being better people and honoring the differences of others and within ourselves.

I encourage you to just try it! Give yourself some space to just consider how you would feel if you just did, or said, things differently. How could that impact your mindset, your well being? Your relationships? Your work? Honor yourself by giving yourself the chance to be that better person and show up for YOU.

That life that you want, you know the one... living your best life in love, joy and success? Well it's waiting for you! You just have to turn some things around, my friend. It's up to YOU.

Go on... try it!

I've listed a couple of great references for you to check out. You may have already read these books, if so then I encourage you to read them again. If not, then grab them today! Educate yourself on how you can start building the life in joy that you want. Stop putting off your life... it's time to live your truth.

With Gratitude,

Angelic x

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