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Addressing your Mental Health – The Importance of Checking In

Yes, there has been so much talk about mental health these days with every right. Unless you’ve been living in the jungle with no wi-fi, you know that there is so much to process right now from all over the world. It’s no wonder that people are beginning to look more at self care, mental health and overall wellness.

Some of us are in tune with creating that space for self care and addressing our emotions and thoughts but some of us are continuing to ‘tune out’ and merely wishing it away. Where do YOU stand on this?

Knowing how to check in and process your feelings is a challenge that I still face from time to time, especially when there are constant shifts. It’s always nice to have those around you who support you and keep you lifted up. But what if you don’t have immediate access to those people and you’re beginning to feel super anxious about things? Creating ways that you can help yourself come down from it and get back to center is just as important as knowing when that time comes.

Once you begin to have any upsetting thoughts or reactions to a particular person, situation or event, step back from it. Remove yourself from receiving any more of that energy and allow yourself to do it sooner than later. Then sit with what you’ve just experienced and let it stew for a minute or so. Give yourself time to determine whether you can control this experience or if you need to find a way to let it go.

From that point on you can make the space to start the process. Letting go of things can be SO hard, I know! But if you can at least try and keep trying to find your peace, then you will eventually find some relief and acquire strategies that work for you.

You can start this process by asking yourself a few questions;

What is it that I’m reacting to and why? What am I feeling exactly, sad, anger, confused, all of the above? Do I have control over this event/person/situation? If so, what can I do to find relief, peace, etc...? If not, what do I need to do to let it go?

So you get the idea. You might say, who has time for that? YOU do, my friend! You have time to breathe, go to the shop, watch T.V., etc… you can definitely make the time for your mental health because it's depending on you. Don't try and wish away your feelings, worries and thoughts. Doing so only sets you up for long term consequences (take it from me!)

To help you along, I decided to create a daily mindfulness check-in sheet that might be helpful for you to create and keep some inner balance this year. You can download it below (print out 7 copies at a time for the week!):

Mindfulness CheckIn sheet
Download PDF • 282KB

I hope you enjoy it!

With Love & Gratitude,


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