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Feeling a Little Unsettled? The Side Effects of Self Isolation

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Life has certainly changed this year and we're all being faced with challenges as we adjust to our new lives at home. It hasn't been easy. I trust it's been even harder for the expat community. Many of us are stuck in places unable to see family and friends. The uncertainty of when we can get back to travel and moving around is frustrating.

Trying not to get sucked into all of the sadness and grief around the people lost throughout this pandemic and all the unfortunate families grieving over them around the world. We must really try and remain in a positive light however possible.

All of this can leave you feeling a bit lonely, low in confidence, trying to sort out your new purpose at home, with work and maybe even your relationship(s) have been shifting. So many things can surface when life suddenly transitions in such a way that embeds fear and uncertainty.

Knowing how to re-settle yourself in peace and comfort can be difficult but it's always possible. I truly feel that this year has given many of us a chance to sit back and re-evaluate our lives and the things that are really important to us. It's given us the opportunity to check in with ourselves on a much deeper level. It's definitely been a reality check for me.

I've been leaning on my meditation practice, my work, more time with the husband and connecting with family and friends via Zoom calls, and staying away from the news and social media banter as much as possible. I've also been paying more attention to my diet and making sure that my choices have been healthier than they were before (like so many others, I was emotionally eating at the beginning of this pandemic, ugh!!) and with that said, being more kind to myself. Giving myself permission to rest, retreat and release when the need arises.

It's important that you, too, find your way through it and find the things what work for you. Take a few minutes to list out the things that you love to do and that make you happy. There's always a way to make things happen, you might have to make some changes and tweak things a bit but you can always find a solution. You just gotta dig deep and get creative!

What's most important is that you get pro-active on your wellness and feel good about it. I trust that you want to be happy and healthy so it's time to make a decision and get to work! You totally have it in you and I think you know that you have it in you as well. Once you start to change what you're doing and how you're doing it, the mindset will begin to shift and you'll start to feel so much better about yourself and your situation.

I hope that you are doing well, wherever this finds you, and that you have been able to manage all of the particular emotions around the current situation in our world (especially here in the U.S.) Some of us have more to process than others, that's for sure!

Feel free to pop in and say HELLO, staying connected to others is so important right now especially for the expat community. I'm here, as your friend, to offer an ear and just talk if ever needed. No obligations, no strings... just human connection.

Stay well my friends and keep shining!

With Gratitude x

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