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How can a Life Coach Help You?

Does anyone really NEED a life coach?

Let me ask you this...

Have you ever went to your best friend, mom, sister, father, or brother for advice or support?

If your answer is yes, then essentially you were reaching out for a life coach, and they were essentially acting as one.

So allow to me emphasize on how a 'qualified life coach' can empower you to unimaginable limits and assist you in achieving your goals and dreams, and how a life coach can bring you to a new awareness and pull you out from that place of scarcity.

A life coach can offer you an unbiased perspective and place of support where you are free and able to speak YOUR truth without any hesitation or concern of hurting someone you love or subjecting yourself to feelings of judgment and shame. Whereas, a family member and/or friend might have preconceived thoughts on how you 'should' act, speak or achieve your goals according to their own opinions and/or values. This can bring you even more stress, especially if you are the type of personality that loves to please others (like I was). You want to move out from that darkness, right?!

A life coach can guide you back within where the answers await your chance to release them. They gently, or sometimes even harshly if necessary! bring you back to the place where you know the truth lies and hold you accountable for the brutal honesty that you need to adhere to in order to make better decisions.

It's about moving out from scarcity and moving into a place of abundance and success. It's about removing your old way of thinking that gets you stuck and frustrated every single time to changing that process in such a way that better serves you. A life coach assists you in re-training your thought process so that you can begin to see and approach your challenges and/or goals with clarity and love.

In my own experience of having a life coach, several years ago, having the support along such a difficult time in my life made such a huge impact in how I began to see myself and how I started to make positive shifts in my life. I was guided into an entirely new light that I didn't even know existed and started to create a life that I wanted to be in, free of fear and doubt. She helped me see what I already knew but didn't know at the time! In all honesty, I am grateful for our work together and I continue to practice the tools and resources that she offered me as well as her mindful guidance.

With that said, I'm not saying that it was easy work, by all means it takes everything you have to acknowledge what holds you back. It takes plenty of courage, strength and a lot of kindness towards yourself. But when you become ready to move through those things that keep you from moving forward and start working on the thing(s) that you want to change in your life, then you open yourself up to more joy, happiness and success. It's really an amazing process!

So where in your life are you ready to make a change? And what would happen if you don't change it?

Perhaps it's time to put your faith into the support around you and to those who have been there. Give a chance to something or someone that can offer you great freedom. Choose what better serves you and supports you, at all costs, with the utmost compassion and respect.

Do you think you could benefit from having a life coach?

With Gratitude x

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