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In Times of Crisis - How to Cope

As the world continues to work together through this unnerving pandemic of the Covid-19 virus, it is very important to remain safe and create the boundaries necessary around daily living, especially where our loved ones are concerned.

It has been said over and over again through social media, on our local broadcasts and through our governments that we are ALL in this together and that we must continue to be more mindful around this crisis.

I can only imagine what this has done to the expat communities around the world. People trying to get home to their loved ones, wanting to leave the country that they are now confound to, or simply not being able to stock the supplies they might need during this horrible time and for the future to come. There are so many concerns that the expat community are facing.

I am currently in my home country in the state of California along with my husband. We are both extremely grateful that we are together and we have been taking every precaution to stay safe and help others when needed. However, we are very concerned for my 27 yr old stepson who is currently in Italy where he works and lives and was unable to leave and head home to the United Kingdom where he wanted to be with his mum. We are in daily contact with him as he sends us updates and expresses his thoughts and feelings around the situation.

The emotional rollercoaster that people are experiencing, including myself, is very real and we are ALL struggling with our own personal lives and inner struggles. This is where we need to dig DEEP into our souls and find the love, compassion and understanding that we are not alone in this. We have to dig even deeper to find our inner strength and self love to remain grounded and in a positive state of mind. We have to keep going and continue to work towards a fine balance in our new homebound lives so that we can remain healthy for those we love around us and in the far distance who also need our help.

This is where our self care and self love come into play on a huge scale. So what are you doing to keep your mind and soul at ease?

Here are 10 things that I am doing to help me remain calm, loving and compassionate within;

1- meditation

2- deep breathing

3- yoga

4- reading

5- watching comedy

6- Sitting outside in the sun (or rain!)

7- journaling

8- exercising - this one's HUGE!

9- sitting with my hubby and sharing thoughts and feelings regarding the situation

10- connecting with family and friends, ZOOM parties!

I hope that these offer you some insight on how you can begin new ways of grounding yourself and finding some peace around these difficult times.

If you need any support at all, please connect with us and let's be there for each other. We are here for you and anyone who needs the space for finding balance. You are not alone!

With Gratitude x

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