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Keeping Things on Track

How do you stay focused when things start to get overwhelming?

Here are some tips to help keep you aligned with your goals and passions.

1. Keep a planner! I know this seems like the most obvious solution to staying organized but a lot of the time we begin to use planners and then, for some reason or another, we stop picking it up and we even forget where we put it!

With that said, we need to be more creative on how we keep ourselves accountable from day to day. There are so many wonderful planners out there that can be fun, customized to YOUR lifestyle and work goals and keep your interest throughout the year. For example the Happy Planner, usually found at your local Michael's store or on Amazon. These planners come in so many varieties whether you are an entrepreneur, a busy mom or athlete. It's a fun planner that you can add your own special style/brand with coordinating stickers and accessories.

If you like more of a simple yet effective planner then the Passion Planner is your book! It contains quotes, reflection areas, business mapping and monthly questions that will keep you on track with your goals. You can find your best planner at www.passionplanner.com

2. Exercise and keep those endorphins flowing! Studies have shown that exercise can keep you on top of your game so that you can be more productive. Working out and cardio walking on a regular basis will keep you alert and stress free so that you can focus better on your work, not to mention that it will be an overall benefit to your well being. Just a 20-30 minute walk can do you wonders!

3. Purge for a better life! Don't be afraid to tackle that office desk, closet or filing cabinet and throw out what no longer serves you. The KonMari method is the HUGE buzz around social media these days and is a concept that is used by millions in clearing out home and creating space for peace and joy, You can find Marie Kondo, author of 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' on YouTube and she also has a series on Netflix. I personally use this method and have been purging my home and office space, it's been an emotional but happy experience and I am feeling SO much better with having given gratitude for those things that I have released. I highly recommend it!

4. Don't put too much on your plate! Make a list of all of your priorities and pick the top 2 or 3 and focus your energy on those goals. Proceed with writing down small steps towards those goals and keep yourself accountable with the methods above and/or ask someone to keep you accountable. By limiting the amount of goals on your list it will help keep a balance in your life.

By taking the time to re-evaluate your goals and finding the methods that work for YOU, you will create the space for success and joy.

Please share any other methods that you find effective or that keep you on top. We must continue to connect, share and empower each other!!

With Gratitude x

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