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Knowing the Difference Between Your Ego and Your Intuition

"You shouldn't set your price so high" "You're not ready yet" "Wait! it needs to be perfect"

It's not always easy to distinguish your ego from your intuition. It takes a lot of practice and patience just like anything else we learn in life.

Being aware of your thoughts is first and foremost. Pay attention to your thoughts and try to determine how often that little voice comes into your head when it's time to make a decision, of any kind. What's it telling you? And how is it making you feel in your body?

When you start to pay attention, and listen to your body's messages, you become more aware of when your ego is trying to keep you down. It thrives on drama and enjoys the anxiety and stress that your body is so used to taking in. We are conditioned most of our lives to live through the ego and so we continue to feed it by reacting in such ways that don't serve us. We end up feeling bad, guilty or sad in the end. The ego LOVES that! It can leave you feeling really sick and sometimes affect the body in ways you couldn't imagine (take it from me!)

Your intuition on the other hand is where your joy and motivation lie. Your intuition is there to protect you when harm is in the way and it will send you the messages clearly on what to do and when to do it. It offers you excitement when you're doing something you love and it gives you joy at all costs. It's how you intially feel when you accomplish something important to you. Your intuition is there to truly guide you in a positive and loving direction. It would never steer you wrong.

Many people will mistake the ego for the intuition which can cause mixed emotions and confusion. Making this mistake can leave you second guessing yourself and even fall into a depression when you can't seem to work it out. This is why it's so important to take a step back, take a few breaths and really think about your thought(s). Where is it coming from and how are you feeling around it? Is it true? If you're not feeling good about it, then you know the source!

Again, it's all about practice, awareness and patience. Be kind to yourself when you mistake the two again. Learn from it and keep moving forward with loving intention for yourself. You'll soon begin to see it more clearly and you'll have the ability to shut it down and allow more space for your intuition to work its magic.

If you haven't heard of Eckhart Tolle and his work around the ego and pain body, then I highly recommend you look him up! His book, "A New Earth" is an absolute game changer and it will have you thinking differently around your thoughts and how your mind operates around the ego.

I CHALLENGE you to thought awareness!

For the next 7 days pay attention to your thoughts and keep a journal or notebook on your experiences, negative and positive, and any revelations that may arise. You might be surprised on how often you fall into the ego.

And please share what you learn with me! I look forward to hearing back from you :)

With Gratitude x

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