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Letting Go of 2020

It's finally coming to an end, the year that has brought many of us great heartache, turmoil, frustration, confusion, grief, etc... Yet, a year of growth, self awareness, consciousness, creativity, re-invention, self reflection and re-prioritizing.

2020 hit us all like a brick wall but I don't have to tell you that. As we move into this last week of the year it's time to think about letting go all of the above that doesn't serve you. Roll into 2021 with the least bit of baggage of 2020 and make this new year your best one yet!

So what are you able and willing to let go of? Perhaps you need to find forgiveness of those who you feel wronged you in some way, like your boss who had to let you go or the guy who broke up with you? Maybe you need to let go of the blame and judgment that you projected throughout the year because you were feeling down, insecure or down right scared? Or could it be the grief of all the world's suffering throughout this pandemic? What is it that you need to release and surrender so that you can start to build more joy and balance in your life?

If you read last week's blog, I hope that you were able to do the exercise and determine the next area(s) in your life that needs your energy and focus. If not, then I encourage you to read it here now and take the time to sit for some self reflection this week.

Knowing what you need to release is not as easy as actually releasing it. With that said, take some time to sit with the idea of what needs to change and why. Be clear that you are doing what's best for YOU and in alignment with your beliefs and values. What's giving you the most grief right now? And what would happen if you don't let it go?

For me, I've been battling the fact that I haven't seen my 93 year old Dad since March. Having only lost my mom just two years ago, I've allowed myself to feel guilt and sadness over the months, and bombarded myself at times with thoughts like, 'what if he passes and I didn't get to see him?' and just feeling awful in general that I haven't been able to travel to see ANYONE. Losing the freedom to move around and visit my loved ones, or even touch them, has taken it's toll many days over the year. I'm sure this has affected you as well. It's not easy to find the positive and move around those feelings that can really impact your mindset.

Another challenge I've learned to cope with is the new dynamic between me and my husband. Trust me, even through mindfulness practice this has been a rough one! I don't know about other couples out there but finding a new balance with your partner has been a major issue for me. My husband used to travel all the time for work so we were quite used to having our own time to nurture ourselves and live independently. Since March we found ourselves together at home 24/7. Thankfully, as we are both coaches and try to implement our strategies together to find new and creative ways to give ourselves the space, respect and understanding around our new home life we've been able to manage it. Even with that said, we still had so many misunderstandings, disagreements and frustrations throughout the process. Finding love and kindness on some days was like trying to talk to a real person at customer service! ;)

What helps me through the bigger challenges is practicing the letting go of the smaller issues. The things that eerk and frustrate me to infinity and beyond. Like how my husband chooses to eat in bed at night leaving crumbs in the sheets or how he continues to educate me on how to load the dishwasher. As annoying as they are, it just isn't worth the energy to make something big out it. I choose to release the frustrations with the thoughts that he works hard for us and has been pulling late nights so that we can live comfortably through this year and that he also reserves the right to project his Covid frustrations onto me as I do him. It's about finding love through the bigger picture and understanding each other even when you think you can't.

If you can release the little things that tend to lead you into anger, grudges, blame and all the other yukky things then dealing with the bigger challenges will be easier and you'll have the energy to find the love, kindness and compassion when you really need it.

Don't allow yourself to go into 2021 with the baggage that will only keep you down and insecure. Go into this new year with more love, more confidence that things will rise up and with the clarity that you know exactly what you need to change to uncover more happiness in 2021. Love yourself enough to make room for it and once you truly believe that you can change and create a better year not just for yourself but for the ones you love, you will definitely cultivate the motivation to get it done.

Wishing you a healthy, productive, successful and HAPPY new year!

With Love & Gratitude, Angelic x

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