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Loneliness Abroad and During the Pandemic

I've been trying to wrap my head around this week's post and what keeps coming to mind is the topic of loneliness. Over the week's conversations I've had with women expats and friends, this subject has come up a lot. The pandemic situation has so many of us feeling lonely and frustrated with how to cope with it. We can no longer hang out with friends, spend time with family members or go into our businesses and we have been sitting home for what seems like forever! This has been a shock to our systems.

So how do we overcome the feeling of loneliness?

All in all, you just have to ride it out! Let yourself feel the sadness and sit in the grief when it starts to arise. I do this from time to time when the reality of it all decides to slam me like a brick wall. I lay on my bed, or sit on the couch, and let myself feel it. I'll cry and maybe even feel sorry for myself. I just let it go. And then, when I've managed to get through it, I make the decision to let it go and hold gratitude for all the great things I still have in my life.

I'm healthy and staying well, I'm focusing on my work that keeps me excited and fulfilled, I'm able to do my yoga practice and exercise, I have my wonderful husband here with me (who could have easily gotten stranded abroad at the rise of the pandemic!) and my 93 year old father is well at home and baking his sugar free cakes! I'm also able to get him on a zoom call so I can see his smile and laugh at his silly jokes. There is SO much to be thankful for and when I go to gratitude, I'm filled with joy and that makes me smile again.

This year has certainly taught many of us a new appreciation for the things that we have taken for granted. A new appreciation for life. We needed this to open ourselves up to more compassion, wellness and understanding. This year has taught us so much, good and bad, and it's making us stronger, wiser and more aware as it all unfolds.

We're slowly coming around to connecting again and I have hope that one day we'll all be able to hug, gather, party and celebrate our lives together once again. For now, we need to find comfort in other ways, hold gratitude to find our joy and stay connected however we can and most of all take care of ourselves and others.

I hope you're all doing well and staying grounded.

With Gratitude x

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