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Managing your Emotions During Difficult Times

There's no point in explaining what we're all facing right now. There's a worldwide awareness around the current situation where disease and diversity are concerned. Regardless of gender, race, religion, political status, etc... we are ALL facing difficult times and it's creating a major concern for all humankind.


What are you feeling exactly?

Anger, confusion, sadness? Figuring out the true meaning behind the emotion you are having can help your process in releasing it. Sometimes when you're feeling angry it can actually be confusion around a particular topic. Get curious about it! Learn more about what you don't understand and empathize with that. Approaching your confusion, or whatever emotion you're feeling, with an open mind can help you relax and make way for better understanding and respect. You don't have to agree with it or change your views in any way about the topic, just be curious. Let yourself explore different settings, views and energy. By doing this you allow your nervous system to remain on a balanced level and you are in a better place for releasing the stress.

Where do you feel it in your body?

It's important to take notice of how your body is reacting. Where exactly do you feel this emotion in your body, chest? lower back? neck? shoulders? If you know where you tend to hold your stress then go there with loving intentions. You can put your hands over your heart, if you feel it in your chest, and visualize healing light going into your heart. Say a prayer, affirmation, or just sit in silence and listen to your heartbeat. I know this might sound strange to some of you, but this mindfulness technique is a powerful one. You just have to believe. You can also simply get some exercise. Go for a run, walk or do some yoga. This is a great option to release the stress and bring your mind down from the ego driven thoughts and drama.

Let it process

Holding feelings and emotions down and ignoring them can do you more harm than good. You have to let them out, however that works for you; crying, retreating in solitude, screaming in a pillow or talking it through with a friend. Sitting with your feelings is part of your healing process and it's important to let the feelings flow until you feel safe and comfortable to move forward. If you don't allow the flow to move through you it will remain with you at all times and manifest itself into something much bigger. This is when our bodies will react and send you signals that it must be surrendered and released. If it's not released it can bring on physical illness, some minor and some more complicated. Stress can change your life so quickly. I encourage you to stay mindful of your stress levels and pay attention to your bodies when it starts to come up. Your physical life may depend on it.

Setting your Boundaries

This is a time of controversial and powerful conversations. It's a great movement for more discussion around the topics that have our country and world in unprecedented times. However, we also need to know when to disconnect and/or step away from those conversations that take us to an extreme. Setting boundaries around these discussions, kindly yet firmly, can help us take better care of ourselves so that we can stay as balanced and stress free as possible. If someone you love has a very different perspective than you and talking on the subject gives you both stress and anger then agree to stay away from that topic. 'Agree to disagree' and keep your time together on the subjects that will allow you to enjoy each others company. There is nothing wrong with respecting your well being and the ones you love.

Accepting what you can't control

You can't control what goes on around you, in your community or in your future. Stay aware of your thoughts around control and know when you just need to accept what is. This can be difficult, trust me, I know! But it's so important to understand that it doesn't serve you to try and grasp control over any situation. It just can't be done. What you CAN control is your thought and reaction. The next time you feel the need to control something take a step back, sit down in a chair, and do some deep breathing. Close your eyes and just sit with your reality at that very moment. Tell yourself, "This is not my responsibility therefore I must surrender my worry" "I release this to the divine and invite peace into my heart" Make up a positive message/mantra/affirmation that you can use when you need to remove yourself from control. You will feel the power that reveals itself when you simply learn to let it go.


Sitting in a time where there is so much uncertainty and emotional chaos can be hard to take in and process. I completely understand this as I have my own ups and downs with everything going on. I, too, find it hard to sit in what seems like a neverending list of emotions. However, now is the time to get motivated. Now is the time to get curious about everything and learn of each other. Now is the time to turn to a new awareness around consciousness and how you can manage your stress in ways that truly work, if you're truly open to it and desire the freedom of thought.

I truly feel that what is happening now, all over the world, the current time is bringing on a new sense of hope, self awareness and compassion for ourselves and the people around us. It might be a slow process but I definitely feel it coming. We are being challenged to step back and reflect on ourselves and the things that are important to us. We are getting closer to who we really are and who we truly want to be, and without fear. We are standing more and more together and when we can't hold hands, we are certainly raising our hands together in unity. We are connected as the souls created by the same entity. We all want and strive for the same thing; LOVE. We ARE one.

Feel free to share your thoughts or feelings.

With Gratitude x

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