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My Self Care Routine - Ideas to Revamp Yours!


Is it time to re-vamp your self care routine? As the days have been getting warmer down here in SoCal, I always make sure to switch my products around and try new things as well. I also try and stick to the foods of the season that help boost the vitamins, nutrients that I need accordingly.

I use a great journal by Jolene Hart, Beauty and Health Coach, called “Eat Pretty”. Jolene talks about the importance of consuming the seasonal foods and what they do for our overall health, including belly fat, skin, nails and hair. (I'll make sure to add the links below to my favorite products and guides)

I always make time for self care. I think now that everyone has been staying in and working from home that it's either offered more time for self care or no time, especially if you have kids and need to home school on top of everything else. Regardless, self care is a must no matter how much time you spend on yourself, even if it's just 15 minutes. You must book the time!

As the saying goes, you can't take care of the ones you love if you're sick and unable. You have to come first at some point. If not every day then whenever you can. I would say at least twice a week. When I say schedule the time, that's exactly what I mean! You must write it down in your diary, schedule or phone calendar. Doing this will keep you accountable to actually getting it done. Trust me, once you start setting your alarm for a nice bath, brisk walk, journal entry or mini-facial, you are going to feel the affects of the calmness and gratitude it brings forth. You'll soon be planning more time for yourself!

I thought I would share my current daily routine, I usually do this in the order you see here but depending on what's going on that day, or if I happen to over sleep (been having some hormonal insomnia!) I will leave something out or adjust the time but I always try and stick to the following;

Mornings (starting at 6am)

  • Meditation, 15-30 minutes

  • 45 min Workout followed by 15 min of yoga/stretching

  • Cool shower and sing ;)

  • Hydrate! Drink at least 64oz of water a day

  • Mushroom/Coffee mix with a scoop of collagen

  • Get to work! (home office!)


  • Lunch outside (usually a salad with some protein)

  • Take my multi-vitamin

  • Refill my adorable water bottle

  • Back to work!


  • Dry brush/exfoliate (SO great for the lymphatic system!)

  • Warm shower to calm down the working mind

  • Mini facial and moisturize

  • Get into my jammies

  • Grab my journal and write

  • Have a lovely dinner and watch a movie while cuddling my hubby :)

  • Evening meditation before sleepy time!

On Sundays, I take a bigger self care evening and give myself a 20-30 minute mini-facial and use my jade Gua-Sha tool for facial massage. I LOVE my Gua-Sha Jade tool, SO soothing! It offers a gentle massage to the face and brings the blood closer to the surface (which is great for detox and lymph drainage)

Then I sit down with my business journal and plan the week ahead. I write out a few goals for the week, on post-it notes, followed by the smaller tasks that need to be done for each goal. It's a great system that works well for me and since I'm a visual kinda gal, I like to see my goals right in front of me every morning.

I hope these ideas inspire you to try something new or encourage you to start scheduling more self care. You can't let yourself sit on the back burner to everything else, at least not for very long. Eventually you will feel the effects of stress and worry. Don't wait for that to happen, take care of you NOW. The people you love and cherish depend on it.

With Gratitude x

Links to my favorite products!

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