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No More Silence, it's Time to Say "Enough"

The last couple of weeks have been rather trying for me, as I'm sure it has been for many of you.

I felt the need to retreat for awhile and process what's going on around me and in this country. It hasn't been easy. I've been having conversations around it all with my husband and some close friends and I'm grateful for the gateways to understanding more and to strengthen my hope.

No need to tell you that the protests around George Floyd's death on May 25th while under the custody of police have been a powerful movement against racism and the police brutality on African American communities. Watching these protests become stronger and stronger, around the world, is a hopeful sight in itself that justice will prevail throughout all lands. The the law enforcement in America has been failing us time and time again and it's now time to say “Enough”.

This, of course, is my opinion and I hope that you will respect it as you would like your opinion respected in return. I feel that there needs to be more sharing of thoughts, emotions and hopes around issues of humanity and diversity. So many of us have been taught to keep our mouths shut around issues like these to avoid conflict or prevent disappointment to others. What good has that given us?

It's time for us to speak up and share what's in our hearts and we must do it kindly and with powerful conviction. We must not stop! We must continue on as like the continuing battles between our police establishments and our diverse communities. We must fight for change around reform for police training including their delusion of power. They are NOT above the law.

Thinking back to my childhood I can remember a good handful of instances where I was either treated unfairly because of my heritage or that I was with a friend who was treated unfairly because of theirs. Some were subtle and others very scary and I remember talking about them with my parents and feeling their frustrations and anger around it as well. In the end they would say, 'But what can we do?' Both having been minorities themselves trying to raise a well rounded “American” family of five who felt caught between their dreams and their civil rights. As like so many others in this country.

It is this time, right now, where I am being tested once again to rise up and say what's in my heart and this time I'm saying it. I'm sharing this with you now and I will share it with letters to my congressman and at the voting polls. I have a lot of hope for this country, and for the world, and whether I see a positive change prevail in my lifetime or not, I know it will come as long as we keep the communication going loud and clear. I hope that you, too, will share your thoughts and dreams however you can during this historic time.

Most importantly, I encourage you to take your voice to the polls and claim your civil rights so that your children, and generations to come, can live freely in their American dreams.

With Gratitude x

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