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Not Enough Time in the Day? How to Honor Your Self Care in 30 Minutes or Less

It can be hard to find time for ourselves when we have to juggle so many things at once. Even if we have a few minutes it can be difficult to focus on ourselves as our mindset isn't always set on self care or we feel selfish if we do. So let me start with that; the mindset.

As with anything you set out to do, your mindset is the most powerful tool that you need in order to make things happen. You have to believe in yourself and the goals that you want to accomplish. This is just the same in regards to your self care. You know that it's important, you know that you have to make the time for it and you know that how it would feel to get the end result. So why aren't you taking action?

Perhaps your mindset hasn't been shifted yet. Just because you know what you need to do doesn't always give you the motivation and incentive to get it done. You have to shift your thoughts and visions to create it. So if you're done procastinating and really want to achieve some time for yourself, then try this;

Envision and FEEL the results!

Literally sit in a quiet place (or while lying in bed at night) envision yourself having already achieved your goal. Whatever that might be, taking time to journal or meditate, take a class, read a book, go for a walk, take a nap or meet a friend.. however you choose to honor your self care. See it happening! Now let yourself fall into it, how is it making you feel? How would a nice, peaceful nap feel to you? Would it help you to feel calmer and more energized? Feel the sensation of wrapping yourself in your favorite blanket with your head on a comfy pillow and just closing your eyes... ahhh! I can definitely feel it!

By envisioning your results it will give you excitement and help you to set your mind on actually making it happen. You will know what it feels like to reach the outcome and how it will impact you and the rest of your day (not to mention the people around you!) So give yourself at least this time to shift the mind and create the motivation you want.

You can also watch a motivational video or your favorite inspiring celebrity/person talking about self care and the importance of it. Sometimes, all you need is to listen and hear the words of someone you admire to gain that motivation to get up and take action. So who inspires you? What do you need to gain momentum? And don't say 'time'! The time is there my friend, you just have to schedule it and make it a priority.

You must be at the top of your own to-do list (or at least in the top 3!)

Once you're ready to tackle your self love agenda, here are a few things you can do in less than 30 minutes a day. Of course you can break down those minutes throughout your day, 5 minutes for deep breathing, 10 minutes for some stretching, however you see it unfolding. Getting at least 30 minutes in a day is the ultimate goal here (if not more!)

Walk! Get outside and walk around the block, take a friend and make it a double!

Read - maybe something inspiring (read one chapter at a time)

Write! Been wanting to start a journal or continue an old one? Get it out!

Sit! Have a cup of tea or meditate.

And my all time favorite... take a nap! :) Set your timer for however long you need. Sleep is super important to maintain balance and energy.

Another idea you can try is to actually schedule this time in your planner or calendar. If you write it down, and it's in your face, this will encourage you to stick to your plan (ex; 1:30 to 2pm "take a walk"). I do this every week when I organize my weekly agenda on Sundays and it really helps me walk away from work, household stuff, etc... So if you're a visual kinda person, I highly recommend this!

You can also set your phone alarm as a reminder to stimulate action. There's a free phone app called “Forest” that implements the pomodoro method which gives you 25 minutes of focused work and then a break for 5-10 minutes (you can set the timer accordingly). This is another great tool that you can use to help you begin taking more breaks for yourself. Even if it's to have a glass of water, remember to stay hydrated! :)

Taking time for yourself is crucial if you want to stay productive, energized, and most importantly stay well and healthy. Make sure you get the sleep you need and give yourself the love when your body starts to send those messages. Staying in tune with your body is vital because if you choose to ignore the messages its sending to you, you can really end up hitting a wall and you might end up hitting a lot harder than you think.

Eating the right foods, decreasing the amount of sugar, processed foods and caffeine (yes, I said it!) are other ways you can stay mindful of your well being and help keep you balanced. Practice deep breathing or simply paying attention to your breathing can also help you stay calm and give your brain the oxygen it needs for normal function.

Self care is not about being selfish or egocentric it's about being just the opposite. It's about honoring yourself and giving yourself nurturing love so that in turn, you can offer it to the world and people around you with the energy, motivation and intention that you want to express and maintain (something you can't do if you're constantly exhausted, sick or lethargic)

I hope this really encourages you to look at your self care more intently and that you start to make time, or more time, for yourself. Start small and, of course, do the things that bring you joy. Self care is not about going to get your nails done or having a girls night out, although those things are fun! Self care is really about paying attention to YOU on a soulful level and giving yourself the nurturing that your heart and soul need. Give yourself time for reflection and connecting with the things that keep you well and fit through your mental, physical and emotional health.

I wish you well and hope to connect with you soon!

With Gratitude,

Angelic x

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