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What do you REALLY want?

How many times have you heard stories about people who have achieved their goals but yet realized that it wasn't what they truly wanted or what they thought it would be? They become unhappy and meander in an unsatisfying life without making any changes or efforts into finding their true purpose and joy.

We are constantly learning about ourselves and what makes us happy and what doesn't. Shawn Achor, author of "Before Happiness" says, 'Before we can be happy or successful, we need to first develop the ability to see that positive change is possible.'

As children we are conditioned by our parents, families and peers and their beliefs. We take on these belief systems and move through life as if they are our own. It is not until we grow into our own minds and begin to think and believe for ourselves. We have the choice to change our beliefs and what we really want in our lives and relationships, and with this journey comes a lot of practice, patience and understanding.

We often think we know what we want, but if we sit down and really think about 'WHY' we want to reach this particular goal it might shift our truth. If we consider all of the outcomes that achieving this goal would bring, how it would affect our current lifestyle, our families, our wellbeing, our homes, we might begin to think differently about what it is that we really want.

Here are some tips to consider BEFORE you begin to take action;

1- As mentioned above, ask yourself 'WHY' you want it. Will it bring you more money? more time for the children? more energy? a better work environment? What is the motivation behind your goal and list all of the reasons on a sheet of paper or start a 'Before the Dream' journal. The act of writing down and seeing your ideas and thoughts on paper can help you read between the lines and find some clarity.

2- Think about HOW it will affect the people around you, your current routine, other priorities and sense of happiness. Will achieving this particular goal cause any stress to yourself, or bring about an unbalanced home environment? List all of the factors (and people) that may be affected.

3- Consider the importance of this goal and if it is actually attainable. Does it reach far beyond your scope of abilities at the moment? How can you make it happen without jeopardizing the other priorities in your life? Jot down your thoughts and ideas of how likely your goal can come to fruition and be real with your timeline.

4- Be honest with yourself. Is this goal something you truly want for yourself or is it something that you think you SHOULD want? Many of us tend to be people pleasers and we hate to disappoint our families, spouses and friends. However, being true to ourselves is most important, first and foremost! Sit with this goal and dig deep into your instinct, what does your gut tell you? Listen to the messages that your intuition is sending you.

5- Move past your fears. What is it that might hold you back from moving forward with your goal? Would it be fear of disappointment? failure? success? rejection? Whatever your fear is allow it to surface so that you can dig a little deeper and notice where it is coming from. Perhaps a childhood memory of people telling you that you'll never be smart enough, or that you will never amount to anything. Wherever that fear is based, let it be and then make a decision to either let it go or not. You know that you are worthy of this goal and that you are ready to put forth your abilities and skills to make it happen. Stay in that positive space of knowing who you truly are...

...A divine being worthy of all amazing things!

There are so many factors to consider when making big changes in life, and a lot of it really comes from the heart and soul. It doesn't have to be a big, drawn out and complicated declaration, but considering some of these ideas before you take action can bring you clarity, in turn, allowing you to make wiser choices in the future.

Wishing you all the best in your goals and aspirations!

With Love & Gratitude,

Angelic x

P.S. I'd love to connect with you and chat about your goals abroad... schedule a call with me HERE

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