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Women Relocating for Work

Women have sky rocketed up the corporate spectrum and have been leading and running companies big and small. It's been an amazing journey, and a long time coming! Although many hurdles still remain, I celebrate the progress women have made thus far!

One of those hurdles is the fact that women are not accepting, or even given, relocation packages from their employers for international assignment. So many women are losing out on bigger opportunities and a chance to further their careers, especially those who have families, plan on having a family or is assumed that they will. If the spouse is not willing to relocate the woman declines the offer and doesn't give it another thought.

Women handle decisions much differenty than men. Men think financially as their priority is to support themselves and their families while women are more holistic in their decision process as they think about the balance and success between marriage, children and family life as a whole. Not to say that this is a bad thing it's just the nature between the two.

Studies have shown that women greatly excel in their overseas assignments more so than men! It's the family life at home and unexpected challenges that are the deal breakers. Unable to find the balance at home after the transition prevails great stress on the woman and she ends up losing the role to save her marriage which in turn keeps the numbers of international assignments at a low for women.

In addition, most families run on a dual-income household, thus rising another strain of the 'other half' to find work. Getting work visas for the employee's spouse can be a difficult and timely process, which gives way for more stress around the transition. Employers generally don't include the spouse in their relocation packages, if there is one, and is usually left up to the family to seek outside assistance.

There are so many factors involved with career relocation and it certainly gives us something to think about. What holds us back in discussions around money and why don't we educate ourselves more around the subject?

I read a book not too long ago by Juliana Park titled; "The Abundance Loop" She left the wall street financial world to lead a successful business in coaching women around their finances and relationship with money.

During her time on wall street she discovered that she was getting a little burned out from the stresses of her unfulfilling job. She began to notice the conversations between her clients around life savings, trusts, etc... and that the woman were almost always the one to give into her partner on the financial decisions. Juliana then wondered why this was, why do women have a hard time expressing their thoughts and convictions around money? And that's when she came up with the Abundance Loop, her idea of how women can move out emotionally, mentally and even physically from the notion of scarcity and into abundance. It's about making more educated choices for ourselves and re-training the thought process so that we can make better decisions around finances and develop a freedom around it. I highly recommend it! You can get it here:

Going back to the corporate women of the world!

I have never been in the corporate world myself but I've heard many stories from the women in my life who are, or have been, and it's a tough place to be. Creating balance and working hard to make our dreams a reality has to be one of the most difficult challenges in life but it's not impossible.

Please share your thoughts!

With Gratitude x

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