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A Mindful Journey to Freedom is listed with the ExpatChild's, Expat Directory based in the UK. You can check out our listing HERE. This is a great resource for the expat in search of various services, guidance and tips. Carole Mobbs, the founder of the ExpatChild, also has a wonderful podcast full of great topics and guest speakers to guide the expat community to resourceful ideas. I encourage you to check in and utilize her amazing community!

I have been a member of the Women  in Business Club for several months now and it has truly been an amazing resource in building my business,  professional mindset and also in creating a wonderful and amazing support team! Raimonda, the founder, is brilliant and offers so much valuable information for the woman who is a budding entrepreneur and to the woman entrepreneur who is already well established. The resources are  endless! If you're in need for some support around your business, I highly recommend the Women in Business Club, it's so worth the small investment because you get BIG results! 


Want more peace + happiness? These yoga + meditation cards based in the teachings of the 8 Limbs of Yoga help you make that happen through physical exercises, breathwork, meditation and philosophical practices.  The 30-card eDeck makes Patanjali’s 8-limbed philosophy accessible, inspiring, and relevant to our lives today. All designed to help you live a happy and healthy life.


These cards are not only beautiful but they offer a deeper guidance through my yoga practice or if I just need some daily inspiration. Learning to understand the philosophy behind my yoga practice gives it even more meaning. I highly recommend these cards to help you practice a life in mindfulness. Click here to purchase your deck today! 

Ready to start planning your bucket list? No better time than the present! Grab this amazing book by Estee Gubbay and begin your planning journey now. She offers great tips, insight, destination ideas and even exercises to get your creative juices flowing! Whether it's a romantic adventure or one for the whole family, she's got you covered. Makes a great gift for the traveler!

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