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“Angelic offers a kind and gentle approach that helped me open up to my self awareness and rediscover my own light. She completely understood all my feelings about living in a different country and was able to guide me to a more confident and meaningful state of mind so that I could achieve my goals and create the happiness I wanted. What I liked the most was the accountability process and how Angelic kept me on track and supported me the entire way. This has been a great experience for me and I truly encourage anyone to make the investment for themselves. It's a powerful journey!”

-Jessica Baez Calderin, MSC. Glasgow, Scotland

"I started working with Angelic since April 2020 as I wanted to have a different perspective in my professional as well personal life. I contacted her through LinkedIn and have been talking to her on a weekly basis, as from the beginning I notice how she helped me first to find my inner balance and now we are working on my next projects/challenges. Professionally she helped me to look for other opportunities that can help me in my career, to avoid negative thinking and keep my mind busy with things that provide me happiness. Personally she managed to transform my fears and doubts into powerful tools but also supported me to keep a very positive attitude. Actually as part of the changes, I am working on a full time job but helping other organizations in Professional Agile as a consultant. 


We are working together for a new and bigger step and I feel very energetic as well as confident in myself. I have only love words to express my affection and gratitude for what she has done for me and I would definitely recommend to work with Angelic not only when experiencing tough challenges in life but to keep clarity and awareness to make good decisions. Personally, I am really glad that I have met Angelic and I'm very thankful for her support."

-Federico Madriz Claramunt, Program Manager, MBA

Cham Bavaria Germany

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